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Group and personalized training for your specific fitness goals.  Olympic Fit Programs improve Explosive Speed, Endurance, Strength, Mobility, Stability, Power to create complete athletes for any sport.  Expert training with Rae, Clint, JaVaughn, and Kurt will put you steps ahead! 


Summer Camps 5/16-8/16

OlyFast Speed Camp (2 days) - Competitor Performance Camp (3 days)

Monthly Athlete Memberships

Oly FastCompetitor - Competitor Plus - Bronze Medalist - Silver Medalist - Gold Medalist - Pro

Track Club - AAU Track Team

Olympic Fit Gym Co-Owner Rae Edwards doing an ontrack interview with Ronnie Baker for Rae's Take on Youtube
Olympic Fit Co-Owner Clint Fuqua showing off a little spidey strength

Fitness Expert, legend, and Olympic Fit Gym owner Rae Edwards has spent the last two decades in the throws of high performance training. Rae has been in 8 different US teams since 2003, four different Nigerian teams, and raced and placed with the biggest names in track and field. At 19 years old, Rae set the current world record held up at competitions still to this day. He’s been on every level of track and field team there is, and understands what it takes to be an Olympian. Now he says his history is chronicled in his salt and pepper beard. He also is the creator and star of the hit Track Show "Raes Take".


At Olympic Fit Rae now shares and teaches everything he has learned about training, tracking, achieving and recovering from performance sports. 

clint fuqua

For the past 25 years of his life, Clint Fuqua has spent living and studying Health, Wellness, and Fitness as a student, an instructor, a corporate executive, and a person living in the world. Through his talk show, Personal Health Care ReformThe Health Engineer TV and his Book Series he has always striven to help everyone learn why it is their personal responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of their future, their family, and society as a whole. 

Clint is often called "The Health Engineer" because of the detail and structure that goes into the individualized programs he creates for each client.  Focusing on performance, structure and recovery while utilizing both physical fitness as well as innovative health assessments and treatments such as DNA testing, IV recovery, rehabilitation equipment and so much more. He also has his own TV show called "The Health Engineer".

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